In this section of the site we will answer the most popular questions that our customers have about our hostels, booking or facility. If you can't find the answer here don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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Booking, Room or Hostel FAQ:
Q1 - How can I book or reserve a room?

Please follow the 4 steps below in order to book or reserve a room.
Step 1: Contact us to enquire room availability.
Step 2: Pay booking fees in terms of cash (Preferable) or bank in. Contact Us For Account Number
Step 3: Send us the bank in slip to our email:
Step 4: Attach tenant particular in your email with this format.

Important Notice:
Booking fees are not refundable or to be replace with other services as if tenant cancel the booking / reservation of the room.

Q2 - Is there any contract for renting a room?

Yes, there is 1 year contract upon renting any room under KT Management.

Q3 - What kind of facilities are provided in my room?

Most of our rooms is provided with 1 bed with mattress, 1 study table and 1 wardrobe.
You can find the details of furniture provided in your room by referring to the following links:

Q4 - What is the internet speed provided for the hostel?

All of our houses equipped with 150Mbps Unifi. To ensure all of our tenants have better browsing experience, we implemented Quality of Service (QoS) to allow our tenant enjoy up to 10Mbps internet speed.

Other Common Questions

We've limited rooms equipped with air-con, you may contact us for more details. However, tenants are allowed to install air-conditioner with electricity meter on their own after requesting for permission to do so from KT Management.
Most of our rooms are with private bathroom. However, there are few room types need to share toilet which are G3 and G4 of Cambridge and Oxford hostel type.
Your deposit will not be refunded or transferred to any other services.
You can approach to our office to do your bill payment of your rental, electricity and water bill. We also accept online transfer to pay your bills for your convenience. More details can be found on our Tenant Portal.
Sorry, tenants are not allowed to keep any pets in his / her rooms or in the common area because some tenants might allergy to them and it may cause hygiene issue. If our management finds out tenant who do so, action will be taken.
Cooking is discouraged in the hostel. However, simple cooking like instant noodle, instant porridge or using rice cooker is acceptable. However, tenants must clean up the area after cooking.
It is not allowed in the building or common area.
24 hours gated and guarded housing area with security guards patrol every 2 hours. Smart card are required to enter all KT Management houses to ensure the tenant's security.
We've separated electricity meter and water meter every single floor. The electricity and water bills will be divided among the tenants staying on that particular floor. Tenants can view or pay their utility bill via Tenant Portal .

Existing Tenants FAQ:
Q1 - How to register my computer or smart phone MAC address to my hostel network?

Please refer to the following links based on the device or operating system you are using:

After recorded down your Mac address, please Login your tenant account and go to "Profile" and click on "Update" link on Mac address 1 and Mac address 2. Your update will take up to 24 hours to be updated to your hostel network.
Q2 - There is leakage, spoil of items(fan, lighting, washing machine, etc) in the hostel / my room . What should I do?

You can submit a Service Request in your tenant account by Login Here or report your issue to our office during office hour by calling 05-4658721.

Q3 - I have no internet access for the hostel network. What should I do?

There are many issue causing the problem above, we would suggest you try a few method below before contact / reporting the issue to us.

Method 1:

Restart your computer or mobile devices

Method 2:

Restart the router & modem. (By turning them off and count 5 seconds and turning back on)

Method 3:

Check KT Management Facebook Fanpage for any internet down status or maintenance

If you had performed the 3 troubleshooting methods above and still have no luck, please contact us during working hours to make your report.

Q4 - Do KT Management have parcel / letter receiving service?

Yes, all our tenants are eligible for such service, tenants can fill in the recipient address as the Example Shows Here.

As we received your consignment, we will update in the tenant portal and tenant will receive an email to notify their consignment has been reached our office and is ready to collect. You can Login To Tenant Portal to check your consignmen(s).

Please bring along your original IC or driving license in order to collect your consignment from the office within the collection time stated in the tenant portal consignment page.

Other Common Questions

Yes, tenants are allow to register their own internet service. However, tenants are required to request for permission from management first before you do so. Tenants can approach KT Management office or submit a Service Request with "other" as subject title in your Tenant Portal.
Please approach KT Management office immediately to report your key or smart card is lost. To concern your security, we will replace the your room's door lock and a fine shall levied to the tenant.

Please take note that management team will not be responsible on any item lost in tenant's room if tenant are not reporting their lost of key immediately.
We've separated electricity and water meter on each floor. The electricity and water bill will be divided among all the tenants stay on that particular floor. You may check your utility charges via our Tenant Portal under "Unpaid" tab.