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About Westlake

Westlake is an area located at west gate of UTAR and and had been housing over thousands of tenants near to University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR). Westlake is also popular known as Westlake Homes for the locals.

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Developers of Westlake project was carefully planned and crafted the landscape to achiee minimal intrusion into the existing natural beauty of the area. Most of the natural characteristics are retained, such as the prominent rock formations and majistics trees. These natural beauty will ample the tenants who stay around Westlake. Besides that, there are a lot of facility provided and ready for students of UTAR or KTAR and tenants of Westlake homes to be discover themself.

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Westlake Lakeside Garden

Located near Beijing hostel type, there is a lakeside garden allows students or tenants to relax themselves.

This garden will provide a view from lakeside to the UTAR Grand Hall and UTAR Block A. Besides lakeside view, this garden also providing a jogging track for student to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

University Tunku Abdul Rahman is the only lakeside university that is located in Kampar, Perak. Having over 20 thousands of students are currently study in the campus. UTAR was build surrounding a man-made lake that was formed during the 18th century where the tin mining activity was very active at that time.

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Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR)

Before University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman was established in Kampar on year 1998. KTAR is lately then named to be University Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman since 2004.

Besides learning complex in KTAR, there is also an Olympic sized swimming pool in KTAR to provide a place for KTAR or UTAR student who like to swim.

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Grand Kampar Hotel

Grand Kampar Hotel is a 3 star deluxe hotel located at Westlake New Town,near to MacDonald Kampar. Grand Kampar Hotel housing 155 rooms in five different categories of rooms.

Besides accomodation, Grand Kampar Hotel also providing good and cheap dining with variety of dishes like Asian and Western cuisines.

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Lotus Five Star Cinema

Lotus Five Star(LFS) cinema is built in Kampar since year 2013 located at the old town Kampar. This cinema attracted local students and residents to catch up the latest released movie.

With 5 storey building, LFS Kampar housing 5 2D cinema and 1 3D cinema with a total of 6 cinema in the building. This 6 cinemas are big enough to house total of 836 customers at the same time.

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Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee were built in Kampar since year 2015 and is located in Tin Village or beside econsave super market in New Town.

Starbucks Coffee Kampar is one of the favourite places for students or tenants to chit-chat or relax themselves with premium coffee or chocolate drinks.

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The only hypermarket located in the Westlake area. Buildings were located in Tin Village. Econsave was established on early 2015 and had been one of the most visited hypermarket due to the short distance for students or tenants to visit it from Westlake.

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The oldest hypermarket built in Kampar area, located at Eastlake. Inside Tesco Kampar, there is KFC restaurant and Sushi King outlet where students like to visit this place for fast food or sushi besides coming for shopping. Tesco was previously the only hypermarket in the Kampar area, however from year 2015, Econsave and Giant were built in Kampar to allow students or tenants to have more choice on hypermarket.

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Giant is the latest hypermarket that was build beside a traffic light before the Tesco hypermarket. Besides hypermarket available in the Giant, there is quite amount of shop lot in it. One of the favourite shop lot in Giant will be the Mr.DIY store that allows tenants and students to purchase most of the DIY items in lower price.

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