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Specialized & Professional

Get a great net return from your investment and leave all the hassle to us! Why do more when you can get the same great return or even more by leaving all the trouble to us? Never underestimate how troublesome it can be to handle a property on your own.

Reliability and Accountability

With more than 10 years of experience in student accommodation market, we accumulated more than 5,000 satisfied customers and established reputation across the industry. Our background and reputation gives our investors every confidence in our reliability.

Effective Marketing & Operation Practice

Minimizing property downtime is one of our core value in the effort to maximize your income. This is to be done through extensive advertising and marketing, ensuring all rooms are in rent-ready condition and reducing turnover rate. We understand that everyday of unrented property is a loss for you.

Our Services

Our Works Save Your Precious Time On Managing Hostels By Collecting Rentals, Repairing Or Fixing Broken Household Items. Allowing House Owners Or Landlords To Have More Free Time On Their Business Or Enjoyment.

Rental Collection

We secure investor’s return by ensuring rental collection on time on behalf of landlord. You can save your time from dealing with problems such as late payment and eviction.

Property Maintenance Services

We provide quality workmanship at fair price. Our technicians save you the needs to search for vendor or even the risk to use them for the first time. Our portfolio of rental properties will also give us negotiating strength on pricing and the network to the right person to do the job.

Marketing Your Property

Let us know if you would like to start an investment on our covered service area or even when you would like to sell your property. We have an establish network of landlord and potential buyer that would be ready to buy or sell properties. We could also provide you advice or assistance for doubt involving in related property.

Tenant Sourcing

Felt difficult to find tenants? We know exactly how to market your property at the most effective way. Online marketing channel, physical billboard, collaboration with the university and also the advantage from our brand power spread with word of mouth by all the satisfied customer we have.

Tenant Screening

There are two basic aspects to be consider while you would choose who to rent your property to, credit and criminal. We choose potential yet quality tenants in order to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment.

Ongoing Tenant Liaison

Quality services and interaction with tenants remained as one of the most important key to improve customer satisfaction and experience. We warm our tenants with best effort in every detail. This is how we build our brand reputation and reduce turnover rate.

Leasing Management

You will be surprise with the workload of leasing rooms to multiple tenants in between tenants leaving and acquiring new tenants. We do all for you, tenants termination, time arrangement, room showing, inspection, repairing, cleaning, check-in, deposits, agreement and all.

Inspection Visits

It is our job to keep an eye on your property and make sure that the property is well maintained throughout the renting process. Regular inspection will prevent vandalism and keep your property safe!

Liaison With Utility Companies

Complicated utility calculation and bill collection is no longer your problem to deal with. We will make sure that bills are paid on time and you can count on us for handling your annual quit rent and assessment for your property too.

Rental Valuations

It is essential to set your rental rate at a right level and always to adjust the rate according to the market in order to attract tenants to your property. Reasonable and fair rental rate gives you a healthy market for investment in the long term.

Monthly Financial Statements

Monthly statement will be delivered to your email providing you a snapshot of information you need such as income, expenses and room status. It saves you time and paper while you can have access anytime anywhere.

Consistent Rental Payment

We never delay our rental payment to the house owner. This is one of the important criteria and benefits for the house owners to ensure they receive the payment in time.

Renovation Suggestion

We will always make sure the rooms are in tenantable conditions. We will inform house owners or landlords as if there is any necessary renovations have to be made.

Secured Rental And Deposit

With all the collected rental payment and deposit, we provide 100% guarantee and assurance. Rental payment will be transferred to the house owner in a fixed period with no delay, whereas the deposit will be return to the tenant once room inspection has been done.

Tenant Portal

Innovative and modern tenant portal which is completely free for all the KT Management tenants. Rental & utility bill payment, payment history, feedback / service request, consignment tracking and more can be easily accessed by our tenants anytime, anywhere and any device to serve their needs.

Why Choosing KT Management For Property Management?

Letting your property will be a demanding and complex process. We, KT Management are here to take the stress out of being a landlord, to ensure you maximize rental income while walking you through financial and legal obligations.

Reason 1 - Is your property in safe hands?

Team of experienced KT Management property managers have a wealth of combined property management experience. We minimize risk and maximize returns, saving both time and money for house owners or landlords. That's why house owners or landlords turn to us to protect their assets time and again.

Reason 2 - Are you getting the refurbishment advice you need to make the most of your rent return?

Our team has built key relationships with specialists who give advice on cost effective refurbishment work. The refurbishment work can be from small decoration to large extensions and conversions.

Reason 3 - Are you confident with the works carried out by contractors in your property?

There are many contractors in the market, however a good contractor is hard to find. We maintain a competitive list of contractors who are obliged to provide details of insurance and sign our code of conduct.

Reason 4 - Why KT Management but not others?

KT Management is one of the best rated hostel management company for student accommodation which brings tenants, house owners and landlords in a hassle-free, safe and secure environment. We aim to build not the best but a better management company that benefit both tenants and house owners or landlords.

Reason 5 - What makes KT Management outstanding compare to others?

Choosing KT Management will save your stress and headache on managing your property. We can ensure house owners or landlords joining KT Management will have the following benefits: save your time on rental collection, worry free on occupancy, emergency case, rapid change of customer preference and maintenance. Besides that, We have high purchasing power hence high bargain power on purchasing material. On behalf on purchasing, KT Management have more experience on choosing materials which is more long lasting. We will be generating monthly statements that house owners and landlords can save their time and money on doing accounting. Lastly, KT Management have strong financial status to ensure owners or lanlords able to receive rental on the fixed date of the month.

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