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Beijing Student Hostel

Single Room From RM270, Double Room From RM225

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Beijing Hostel Type Highlights

All Beijing hostel rooms are attached with private toilet with water heater.

Beijing student hostel is located behind Oxford student hostel. Therefore, it is located at the right side of the main road to UTAR West gate entrance, Jalan University.

Beijing student hostel area has more parking slots for tenants, which brings convenience for students who are driving compare to other student hostel types have limited parking slot.

Many tenants or students like to have BBQ party or a small gathering here. Besides that, the area of Beijing is near to a lakeside, therefore tenants will have a good place for them to relax themselves by taking a walk around the beijing area.

Beijing hostel type is ideal for tenants who look for double rooms and preferable to have more parking slots around the area.

Facility Included For Hostel Rooms

As to prepare a comfortable and good hostel for tenants to stay or study. We've included the following to all the hostel rooms:

  • Individual Toilet With Water Heater
  • Bed & Mattress
  • Wardrobe
  • Study Table & Chair
  • Lighting & Ceiling Fan
  • Curtains
  • Local Area Network Port (With Quality Of Service*)
  • Wireless Network (With Quality Of Service*)
Facility Provided In The Common Area Of The House
  • Smart Card Security Door
  • Shoe Rack
  • Helmet Locker
  • Dining Table & Chairs
  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerators
  • Water Filters
  • Wireless Network (With Quality Of Service*)
  • Local Area Network Port(With Quality Of Service*)
* QoS - Management of internet access to ensure fair user policy to all tenants

Beijing Floor Plan & Rates

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